Terms and Conditions

  1. Turnaround
    Jacor Printing estimates that all orders containing only flat pieces will be ready to ship within 7 business days from the day we receive the completed order not including composition. All orders placed before 12:00pm will be considered ordered that business day. Any order placed after 12:00pm will be considered ordered on the following business day. We will do everything in our power to correctly produce your job in a timely manner, but cannot guarantee a specific shipping or arrival date. The 7 business day turnaround is an estimate, and is not to be confused with a guarantee. If any post production work needs to be done to an order then the turnaround may vary. Postproduction includes but is not limited to: folds, scores, perforations, die-cuts, and drilling.

  2. Payment Terms
    New customers may be required to pay COD on their first order(s). Once your credit has been established, we will invoice you and the invoice must be paid in full with the terms provided. Jacor Printing has the right to charge $25.00 for returned checks.

  3. Quotations/Estimates
    Written estimates are good for 30 days based on the specifications provided. An estimate that is not accepted within 30 days may be subject to change.

  4. Orders
    Jacor Printing reserves the right to use our sole discretion in refusing to print anything we deem improper or illegal. Jacor Printing will not be held liable for any damages resulting from unwitting violation of copyright laws or illegal use of trade names or slogans. The client guarantees the legal title of all matter submitted to Jacor Printing for printing and/or publication.

  5. Cancellations
    Cancelled orders require compensation for incurred costs and related obligations at the time of cancellation. Jacor Printing has the right to charge for any work that is done before time of cancellation.

  6. Accuracy of Specifications
    Quotations are based on the accuracy of the specifications provided. Jacor Printing can reject a job at the time of submission if the specifications do not conform to the original information on which the original estimate was based. Orders placed with Jacor Printing are, to the client's knowledge, correct and there are no conditions or agreements relating to the orders which are not written or accompanying said order.

  7. Liability
    You must examine and give all proof(s) your full and utmost attention. While we will make every effort to follow your instructions, there is always the possibility of misinterpretation and/or errors. Jacor Printing, Inc. will not be responsible for errors that the customer fails to correct. Any changes made to the original order may delay the delivery time and result in additional charges. Orders will not be printed until a signed release is sent back.

  8. Electronic Manuscripts/Images
    It is the client's responsibility to maintain a copy of the original computer files, artwork and transparencies. Jacor Printing is not responsible for accidental loss or damage to media supplied by the client or for errors on supplied artwork furnished by the client. Any additional translating, editing, or programming needed to utilize client-supplied files may be subject to additional charges. We are not responsible for archiving your jobs. Please save your work!

  9. Alterations/Corrections
    Client alterations must be specified in writing and must include all corrections or changes from the original specifications. Such work will be charged at our current rates.

  10. Overruns/Underruns
    Jacor Printing will normally deliver the exact quantity of goods ordered. There are conditions when there will be a 10% overage or underage. In this event, we will invoice for the actual quantity delivered.

  11. Delivery
    Jacor Printing usually does not charge for delivery, although we have the right to charge on some occasions. Jacor Printing is not responsible for delays and/or damage incurred during shipping.

  12. Claims
    The client must make claims for defects, damages, or shortages in writing and in no later than 10 calendar days after delivery. If no such claim is made, Jacor Printing and the client will understand that the job has been accepted. By accepting the job, the client acknowledges that Jacor Printing’s performance has fully satisfied all terms, conditions and specifications.

  13. Storage
    Jacor Printing will store purchased items it has sold, however we are not liable for damages that may occur while in storage.

  14. Right to Subcontract
    Jacor Printing shall have the right to assign any portion of the work required to another contractor.

  15. Workmanship Guarantee
    We guarantee all orders to be free of defects in workmanship. If any order does not match the generally accepted trade standards, we will reprint the order or issue the customer a refund at our discretion.

  16. Privacy Statement
    Any information Jacor Printing collects from order processing or from any inquiries is not shared with any other company. Your information is only used for contact, billing, and shipping purposes.

  17. Samples
    Jacor Printing might use your product for samples or advertising purposes.

  18. Rush Orders
    Jacor Printing has the right to charge for additional charges that has occurred during this time.

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